Who We Are

business groupPT. Solusindo Komputama is an official business partner of Tally Solutions business which has full rights for the license distribution andservices provider of business solutions software Tally.ERP 9 in Indonesia. PT. SolusindoKomputama’s business activitiesare engaged in the distribution of licenses and consulting services business solutions of software Tally.ERP 9 which all our operational activities are in Jakarta, but our working area is up to the rest of Indonesia. Based on our team’s experiences and trainings in the implementation of business solutions software Tally.ERP 9 in more than 300 diverse business backgrounds companies and strong support from the technical team based Tally Solutions centers in India, we are optimistic that we can help your company to achieve effectiveness and efficiency of business performance with the support of Tally.ERP 9 business software solutions product, accordance with the product’s motto “Power of Simplicity”.

Our Vision: Being an information technology company which is committed, dedicated and oriented to the customers satisfaction.

Our Mission: Providing effective and efficient business solutionsthat can improve customers’ business performance.



Relatively, PT. Solusindo Komputama completely understanding how important the value of information systems and reports generated by the business activities of the company’s report which is the financial statements that considered to be one of the decision-making for the management company. The fact is happening in the business world that nearly almost 90% of management information system is still not quite right and it will be produce inaccurate reports thus inhibiting impact the decision making process for the management of the company. The risk can be minimized by using the tools appropriate business solutions,efficient, and provide guarantees of accuracy reportso that making process for management can be done quickly and precisely.

Business software solutions tools are distributed by PT. Solusindo Komputama ie Tally.ERP 9, the software provides coverage for expectations to be achieved by the management company means that the report can support the decision-making process quickly and accurately. It is caused by Tally. ERP 9 has a feature that integrates to all functions of a company into one full cycle and integral. It ensures that the process runs in real time so that the whole report produced accurate and reliable. Tally.ERP 9 has been used more than 3 million users worldwide businessand more than 8 million individual users worldwide.These facts indicate that the Tally. ERP 9 with its capacity has helped many companies to achieve effectiveand efficiency of the company’s business performance.




Data synchronization features give assurance of data updates in real time in several branches of the company’s business units so that the decision-making process undertaken by the company management can be performed quickly and accurately.


Remote Access6


Remote access features make an easy way for enterprise management with high mobility to be able to access real time data anytime and anywhere. It could improve response time to customers and support the company’s decision-making process in real time anytime and anywhere.